Planning Fees

From 2nd May Planning Fee Charges will increase for most planning applications in England & Wales. The ‘Planning Portal’ online submission system will increase their service charge to £64 (from £32.20) For more information on this, please click HERE.

Planning fees to increase from 1st November 2014 (Scotland)

The Scottish Government has announced that all Planning Application fees are due to be increased from November 1st 2014 by approximately 5%.  The new rates will be applicable to all Planning applications made on or after that date. As examples of the effect of the increase: The application fee for full planning permission for residential development… Read more »

Warrington Borough Council to charge for Pre-Planning Application advice

In a very disappointing development, Warrington Borough Council has announced that they are to charge for pre-planning application advice for non-householder proposals.  The fees are to range from £55 for advertisement proposals through to £1000 for ‘significant major developments’, with additional charges for follow up meetings and written advice ranging from £45 to £500.  In… Read more »