New Clubhouse


Now that the new Clay courts are complete, Peebles Tennis Club are turning their attention to the New Clubhouse. The proposals are now submitted for a Planning Application, which is due for a decision in the coming weeks.

In the words of Club Secretary Anne McKinnon:

“Peebles Tennis Club currently has a clubhouse which is inaccessible to wheelchair users and anybody with mobility problems. The club are keen to be accessible to all; and with this in mind have recently employed Architects cb3 design and submitted plans for a new clubhouse with access from the road onto a wide veranda. The new clubhouse will have disabled toilet facilities so everyone can use the space easily. We have permission from the Common Good Fund to build a new wheelchair access path from Victoria Park on to the back tennis courts; allowing everyone to be able to enjoy the sport. The Club are excited about the prospect of being a truly all-inclusive club in the near future.”

cb3 design: Tennis Club Clubhouse
Floor Plan & Elevation

Scottish Borders LPA is due to make a decision in the second half of May; though as with all matters currently this could be delayed slightly by the Lockdown.

In the mean time the clubs facebook page has a few suggestions for keeping active until play can resume.