New Build Dwellings & Stables


We have recently
obtained planning permission for two replacement dwellings in the Greenbelt
Village of Heatley, and look forward to commencing the detailed design.
The project
comprises three main elements:

  • Replacement of a pair of semi-detached houses with a detached 6 bed
    property of similar footprint to the two semi-detached dwellings but with
    approximately double the floor area. This has been achieved by utilising 4
    floors of accommodation within the mass of the existing two properties. It
    is set further back from the street to give a larger garden space,
    improved sound attenuation, vehicular access and an improved street-scape
    including a wider pavement. Much of the accommodation is formed to the rear
    of the property overlooking substantial grounds. 
6-Bed Detached Dwelling
6-Bed Detached Dwelling
  • Construction of a new house further to the rear of the site to
    replace a collection of outbuildings which were no long fit for use takes
    advantage of an excellent aspect over open countryside.

3-Bed Detached Dwelling
3-Bed Detached Dwelling
  • Construction of stables for use with the field opening out behind
    the neighbouring houses. The site already included stables which had
    fallen into disrepair.