Kitchen Inspiration – Part 4 – splashback


While many think of it in a purely functional capacity, there is one element of your new kitchen where you can really make a statement. The humble splashback. Or ‘backsplash’ if you are reading this from over the pond.

hexagonal tiled splashback in green and white
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It doesn’t have to be a foot-high section of bland white tiling or a 100mm high upstand of whatever your worktop is. Yes, it serves the practical purpose of protecting your walls from staining or damage from heat behind your cooker. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing.

There are so many materials that can be used. Metals like stainless steel, brass or copper, coloured glass, digital images, marble, terrazzo…… the list goes on. And while often tiling can be the material of the boring splashback, it is my personal favourite to really make an impact.

Check out this week’s Pinterest board to see some ideas. Many are the most beautiful, eye-catching tiles with a few restricted to just a band above the worktop!