Home Extensions – Permitted Development: England and Wales


We are often asked by residential
clients “do I need planning permission?”
 Planning Portal
 Permitted Development rights (PD
rights) are a set of rules which can allow extension & remodelling works to
your home without the approval of a full planning application. In recent years there have been significant changes to PD
rights that now allow much more
development than that previously accepted, sometimes, even if you have
previously extended your home. This is also the case for non-residential development;
however we will concentrate on residential development for now.
The most significant change is
that your Permitted Development rights are no longer based on purely size
criteria but are more related to the size of your existing home and the
proximity of neighbouring buildings.
This opens up much more potential
to extend and adapt your home; giving possibilities of being able to develop
without the need for planning permission, even in instances where planning permission
would not be granted. There are many scenarios covered by PD,
with most, but not all, houses having an entitlement. Your Local Authority will
hold the status record of your PD Rights, or we can find this out for you
some introductory examples click on the house below to link to the Planning Portal website and view the “interactive house” which is a handy tool giving more guidance on
what is possible.
Interactive House
Interactive House
the “interactive house” is a useful starting point, this is guidance only
and the actual intricacies of PD rights are far more complex. We suggest you
seek confirmation that your proposals are within the more specific criteria of
PD allowances, and in many instances we would advise that a Lawful Development
Certificate is obtained from the Local Planning Authority confirming that
specific proposals are within PD rights.

Design can help provide design solutions that fall within Permitted Development;
prepare and submit applications for Lawful Development Certificates; and give
you design advice on what is achievable. Please give us a call for more