Free Green Deal assessments with Low Carbon Lymm


CB3 Design have been helping local community group Low Carbon Lymm to provide advice on domestic energy saving measures and funding for home improvements.

As part of a Government initiative Low Carbon Lymm has secured funding to provide 100 free Green Deal assessments to local residents (the normal cost of these assessments ranges from £100 to £150).  Although uptake has been strong, at the time of writing there are still a few assessments available; application can be made directly to Low Carbon Lymm.

Under the Green Deal scheme assessments are carried out to establish the energy performance of a property and recommend energy saving improvements.  The assessment then provides the basis on which an application can be made for a Green Deal loan with which to carry out energy saving improvements. CB3 Design and Low Carbon Lymm have been helping homeowners navigate some of the issues with the scheme by providing impartial advice to homeowners in advance of them going to Green Deal advisers and suppliers.

Low Carbon Lymm is a voluntary, not for profit, body established by a group of Lymm residents. The main purpose of the group is to work with all areas of the local community to address the challenges of climate change, reduce carbon emissions, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and, in improving energy efficiency, to save money.

To find out more on what Low Carbon Lymm has been up to follow the link below or contact us.

Low Carbon Lymm

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