CDM Regulation Changes


HSE Public Consultation
CDM Consultation
From April
2015 the CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations are expected to
change. There is a consultation document out for comment at present (click on
the image above). These regulations cover Health & Safety of construction
projects and are being updated to remain fit for purpose, to tie in with
European Directives and in an attempt to reduce unnecessary paperwork which is
seen as hindering safety improvements.
For larger
projects much will remain as it currently is. However, for small building sites
and residential clients which were previously exempt there will be changes. It has
been identified incidents of injuries on small construction sites have not
decreased at the same rate as those on larger projects. Proposed changes are
likely to put additional responsibilities on clients, which may include welfare
of site operatives and assuring the competence of contractors and consultants
A new role
of ‘Principle Designer’ will take a lead on Health and Safety at the design
stage of any project. This will better enable CDM issues to be designed out
rather than forcing amendments as an afterthought of a design.
A finalised draft
of the revised regulations is expected in early January 2015.