Biodiversity Net Gain


Biodiversity Net Gain is a new legal requirement to improve the biodiversity of a locality as a part of construction works. It began to be phased in as a Planning Application requirement from February on large sites. Smaller developments are included from the start of April & Infrastructure projects will follow in 2025. (Applies to England only).

Historically development has often impacted or reduced nature in a locality. The new requirement aims to both prevent further loss and to start to replace previous losses to our wildlife and natural habitats, which are vital to the health of a locality. Further benefits should include: improved more natural view from homes, reduced pollution, reduced flood risk, enhanced community spaces

Householder extensions and some other works remain exempt. However, a majority of homes built from 2024 onwards will be subject to ongoing requirements from the original planning permission. This lasts for a minimum of 30 years from completion of the original development.