Autumn Greetings


Office Move & Office Refresh

                                                                                          Office Move & Office Refresh


Hello again!

We’ve been a little quiet online with our online updates of late, but along with the usual madness of juggling summer holidays and projects, we’ve recently had an office move in Peebles and an office refresh in Lymm.


The Peebles office has not moved far, just down a floor (1 less flight of stairs to climb) but to a much bigger space to accommodate our new staff member Glen and our intern Lucy. It’s still a work in progress but is coming together a bit more each week. More pictures to come on facebook (once Neil has tidied his desk….)


In the Lymm office meanwhile we welcomed Helen and Steve to the company earlier this year who have both made great additions to the team. The refreshed office reception is taking shape nicely with new furniture allowing us to host visitors downstairs as well as in our more formal meeting room upstairs.


Feel free to pop in and see us