Are you a Landlord?


From 1st April 2018 any property offered for a new or renewed rental agreement will need to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of grade ‘E’ or higher. Any property under an existing rental agreement will also need to achieve grade ‘E’ or higher before 1st April 2020.


There are some exemptions which can be applied for concerning Listed Buildings, Temporary Buildings and for some technical aspects where a particular installation may not be technically suitable on a specific building structure.


Fines will be implemented on Landlord’s who fail to address the minimum standard of energy performance criteria, whilst separately tenants can apply for consent to do additional upgrade work to reduce their running costs and improve the comfort of a rented property.


If you would like to discuss options to invest in and upgrade your property portfolio please get in touch and we can see what may be the most appropriate measures tailored to you.